Tech Tuesday: Digital Disconnect, New Library Tech, and Gadgetry



On this episode of Tech Tuesday, we’ll discuss how the internet is becoming dominated by a few companies, and in one author’s words, “how capitalism is turning the internet against democracy.” Then we’ll learn about new technology allowing libraries to send anything on its shelves straight to your computer. Finally, our tech junkie will tell us about the hottest new gadgets.


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  • Eddie Haskell

    At 5:36 stated: 
    “the phone and cable companies don’t have to let other ISP use their wires, they can use their monopoly wires just for themselves and keep them to use for them selves…”

    I found evidence disproving this statement. My understanding is that, as of current, ILEC’s must share local loops (local telephone lines) but not the equipment in the CO (Central office).Wiki entry regarding CLEC reads: 
    In December, 2004, the FCC released another set of rules which phase out, over a year, all CLEC leasing of ILEC local switching, while preserving access to most copper local loops and some interoffice facilities.

    The wikipedia entry USTA v FCC is worth a glance. As is the entry for Unbundled Network Element.

    More info from FCC:

    CLECs HAVE (emphasis added) certain regulatory rights to obtain ILEC local loops at
    cost-based UNE rates, which the CLEC may use to provide retail switched access lines or retail broadband Internet access connections. See C.F.R. § 51.307.

    Does anyone with more knowledge care to shed light?