Tech Tuesday: Changes to Facebook



Facebook is always changing. The most recent changes, mostly to privacy settings, are getting mixed reviews. How do you feel about them? Call in on this hour of All Sides and let us know what you think.


  • Betsy Hubbard (social media consultant, Co-Founder of Mindset Digital)
  • Debra Jasper (social media consultant, Co-Founder of Mindset Digital)


In this segment, Consumer Reports tells us about a new energy and money-saving light bulb.


  • Celia Lehrman (Deputy Editor, Consumer Reports)

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  • Mlannum

    I am a hugh facebooker.. but with latest change have looked into other social sights such as twitter. ect.. My friends are following Facebook may want to reconsider what they THINK WE WANT..and change it back.. that is what we signed up for.. NOT THIS CRAP