Tech Tuesday: Bitcoin Regulations, Internet As Brain, Gadgets



If the brain had a motto, it might be: Use it or lose it. Connections that aren’t relevant  fall away to make room for new ones. But dead links on the internet just slow things down. This hour, we’ll look at improving the quality, not quantity, of the web. We’ll also learn about an effort to regulate Bitcoin, and we’ll get the latest in gadgetry.


  • Hayley Tsukayama, Technology Reporter for the Washington Post
  • Jeff Stibel, author of Breakpoint
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

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  • quantweb

    Here is a video with a short joke on bitcoins and central banks



  • Gregg

    Hi Ann,

    Heard your show on the way home tonight.
    Liked it allot! I have a few comments to add.

    Can that poor guy on the phone please nock down his echo-y room?
    Liked how he handled himself on your program.

    As for Google:
    using “OK, GOOGLE NOW” voice print did not settle well with me.

    Instead, in the future, I will use, “Kirk to Enterprise”.

    You can teach it whatever You want. Not the other way around please.
    Being lead by a bull ring is most distasteful. Unless by God.

    (You didn’t cover this on your program but…along the same line)
    The same goes for finger print scans say at Disney, your computer log in,
    or even KSC (NASA): Always use a ‘different’ finger than what they ask for.
    Just saying.

    Bless her soul Mom taught us: “That is none of their business.”

    You battery comment made me laugh !! Good point. I liked his pause.
    I really thought he was going to spill the beans.

    Phones/computers currently have set points to preserve
    and extend their battery life. They can acquire GPS, check a network signal strength waiting for an optimum time to log in, send a packet, and goto sleep again. Today’s Lithium battery has a very low self discharge rate,
    at the least a week of GPS tracking can be realized with good code.

    Good show again, and enjoyed it allot !