Tech Tuesday: Aggressive Bids, Fake Photos and Gadgets

Photoshop Creations

Photo: Martin Pettitt (flickr)

Even to the untrained eye, this wavy wind farm looks doctored. But new fake-photo recognition software uses shadows to pick out even tiny inconsistencies that signal a phony.



That picture of your friend having tea with Madonna is obviously retouched. But the human brain is notoriously bad at catching the inconsistencies of light that belie a photo’s authenticity. We’ll talk about new software that catches the fakes. We’ll also look at a study that found that anonymous bidding sites like ebay make bidders mean, and we’ll get the latest in gadget news.


  • Rebecca Walker Naylor,  assistant professor of marketing at OSU’s Fisher College of Business
  • Hany Farid, professor of computer science at Dartmouth College
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

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