Tech Tuesday: 3D Scanning, New App Round-up, Nintendo 2DS

iPhone Apps

Photo: Daniel Y. Go

When there's an app for everything, how do you keep them straight?



So far, artificial limbs, functioning guns, musical instruments and even human stem cells have been recreated using 3D printing. What’s next? Well, what if you could do this sitting at your own computer? Though they’re not quite there yet, 3D scanners are pretty darn cool. Coming up, we’ll talk scanning technology that could be in your home, we’ll hear about the latest and greatest apps, and we’ll find out what’s new with Nintendo.


  • Brooks Myers, Founder and CEO, Knockout Concepts
  • Jake Kuttothara, COO, Knockout Concepts
  • Dan Rockwell, Program Manager of the Software Prototype Center
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

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