Archives: Youth

A Playwright’s Troubled Childhood Inspires Discussion about At-Risk Youth

A playwright and his play about his troubled childhood, and new approaches to working with at-risk youth.

Youth Social Service Programs in Ohio / Preventing Mistakes with Checklists

Youth social services in Central Ohio; and the importance of checklists.

Risks for Youth Athletes

Sports injuries (including increased risk for concussions) for young athletes.

All Sides Weekend/the arts: Children’s Theater

Arts and culture in Central Ohio

New Drivers Education Techniques

New techniques being used educate young drivers about emergency avoidance and safety

Keeping Up With Kids and Technology

How parents can better understand and guide the safe use of technology by children and teens

Central Ohio AIDS Community

Issues facing the AIDS community in Central Ohio, and the challenges of raising awareness among the largest high risk groups

Value of Extracurrcular Activities

The educational and community value of extracurricular activities such as sports and music programs

Preventing Youth Violence

Preventing youth violence in “high risk” neighborhoods in Central Ohio through street intervention and community involvement

Adolescent Development and Religion

A recent news story about a Central Ohio Muslim teenager who ran away to Florida to escape parental authority, a deeper look at adolescent development, family dynamics, and religion in adolescence