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Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked in U.S. Senate.

The gender wage remains a reality.

Humor and Wisdom in Women’s Lives

Humorist and feminist Regina Barreca discusses her latest book.

Women in the Catholic Church

The ordination of women in the priesthood by some members of the Catholic Church

Women in Judicial and Legal Professions

Women’s struggle for acceptance and equality in the legal and judicial professions

Biography of Jane Austen

How Jane Austen’s ambition and creative genius contributed to her present-day fame

Breast and Cervical Cancer

Testing, treatment, and prevention of breast and cervical cancer

Women Become Stronger

Women overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become stronger people

The Lives of Women of Faith

Lives of faith, and the challenges and rewards experienced by women clergy

Women’s Ordination in the Catholic Priesthood

The issue of women’s ordination in the Catholic priesthood, and the response of the Catholic Church to dissent

Ohio Ranks Low for Women with Higher Education

A report states that Ohio ranks 39th in the percentage of women with four years of college, barriers to women’s advancement in Ohio, and ways to improve their opportunities,