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Politics Roundtable and Election 2012 Preview

Ohio is the place to be in a Presidential Election season. On this hour, guest host Mike Thompson will talk about all things politics with a panel of experts.

Ohio Primary Politics/Super Tuesday

It’s still primary season, and it’s time for Ohio to take its turn along with many other states on Super Tuesday. Who are the candidates? What are the issues? On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about Ohio’s primary politics.

Update on Ohio Political News

The new year has begun, and so has another new year at the Ohio Statehouse. What topics will be coming up soon in Ohio politics?

History of Public Employee Collective Bargaining in Ohio

On Election Day, Ohio voters will get their chance to weigh in on Senate Bill 5, the new law that limits collective bargaining rights of public employees and bans public employees from striking.In this hour of All Sides, learn about the history behind Senate Bill five with two veteran journalists and a history scholar.

Ohio’s State Budget

As far as the state budget is concerned, what’s in and what’s out? What matters and what doesn’t? We’ll explore these questions today.

Changes in State Government

Big changes in state government.