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Wellness Wednesday: Hospital Bills, Health History, Obamacare

Stitches are just a needle and thread– but hospitals charge over $500 per stitch. Today we’ll talk about rising hospital bills. And with many spending the holidays with their families, we’ll tell you what conversation to have, then we’ll discuss Kentucky’s relative success with their healthcare exchange and get an update on Ohio’s enrollment.

Wellness Wednesday: Obamacare Makeover, Taste Bud Rehab, SAD

Your taste buds should be able to tell the difference between cyanide and broccoli, but easy access to sugar has made them lazy, confused and a little lascivious. This hour we’ll discuss how taste bud rehab can help you love the foods that love you back. We’ll also talk about the upgrade and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Wellness Wednesday: Premature Birth, Cholesterol Meds, Obamacare

At some schools, “C” is considered the gentleman’s grade. But the “C” Ohio got on its March of Dimes report card has implications for ladies, too. This hour we’ll talk more about the Buckeye State’s premature birth rate. Then we’ll get the latest on the controversy over new cholesterol medication guidelines, and what’s new with Obamacare.

Wellness Wednesday: Health Dollars, Binge Drinking, Doc Shortage

Glossy college brochures don’t include info on their binge drinking rates, but the NIH says alcohol abuse on campuses is costing us dollars and lives. We’ll look at how schools are curbing the trend. We’ll also take a look at the power of money to motivate good health habits, and the effect of the doctor shortage on the healthcare mandate.

Wellness Wednesday: Kids Cooking, Slimming Bacteria, Obamacare

Cap’n Crunch for lunch? Getting kids to eat vegetables is tough, but don’t throw in the dishtowel just yet! We’ll talk about how to get kids involved in preparing delicious healthy meals. Then it’s a look at the correlation between the bacteria in your gut and the size of your…rear end. And Obamacare and small businesses: what you need to know.

Wellness Wednesday: Circumcision, Mood-Immune Link, Health Care

Circumcision is a delicate procedure, and a delicate topic. For some, it’s an important tradition; for others, a form of mutilation. This hour we’ll examine its declining rates in the US. We’ll also talk about a newly found interaction between our immune systems and our psychology, and get a guide to the health care exchange marketplace.

Wellness Wednesday: School Health, Malaria Vaccine, ObamaCare

Kids are taught to share from an early age, but they should keep their germs to themselves. This hour we’ll learn why so many fall victim to the “back-to-school plague,” and how to stay healthy through the year. We’ll also discuss a vaccine that could help the 3.3 billion people at risk for malaria. And a look at how ObamaCare has already started.

Wellness Wednesday: Minority Donors, Pelotonia, Childhood Cancer

African Americans make up 13% of the US population but 30% of the people waiting for organ donations. This hour we’ll discuss why the need for minority donors is so great. And some OSU scientists are fighting cancer one mile at a time. We’ll hear about their medical and bicycle training. Plus we’ll look at a new piece of the childhood cancer puzzle

Wellness Wednesday: Bug Sprays, Vitamin Dangers, Legionnaires’

Options for avoiding bugs may seem limited: Stay inside or submit to a panoply of dangerous chemicals. This hour we’ll learn which repellents are effective, and which do more harm than good. We’ll also hear from a doctor who says vitamins and supplements are costing Americans their money and health, and get the facts on Legionnaires’ Disease.

Wellness Wednesday: Cat Dangers; Alzheimer’s Drugs; Music Therapy

Cats may be cuddly, but a new study found that the bacteria found in their feces pose a threat to the mental and physical health of the nation. We’ll find out more on this hour of Wellness Wednesday. Plus, failed cancer drugs may have a promising future in Alzheimer’s treatment, and we’ll explore the power of music in reducing medical anxiety.