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Wellness Wednesday: Wireless Heart Monitor, Sunscreen, Fat Facts

The paleo diet says modern humans should eat like cavemen. But saber-toothed squirrels aren’t cheap, so some are using the diet as license to load up on butter and cheese. We’ll see what science says about a stone age approach to food. We’ll also learn about a tiny device giving hope to heart failure patients. Plus, the latest news in sun safety.

Wellness Wednesday: Body-as-Barbell, No-Soap Hygiene, Heart Health

After a session at the gym, most of us race to scrub away the germs. But the key to fighting odor-causing bacteria might be…more bacteria. We’ll look at the science behind skipping the soap and using microbes to stay clean. We’ll also learn how to get buff biceps and a strong core without leaving the house, and get the latest in heart health.

Wellness Wednesday: Golf Nutrition and Fitness

Golf may not require the strength of football or the agility of gymnastics, but if you’re gonna putt your way to victory, proper fitness and nutrition are essential. We’re broadcasting live today from the Muirfield Memorial Tournament and we’ll look at the relatively recent push to get athletes at the top of their game on the edge of the green.

Wellness Wednesday: Big Health Ideas, Cancer Tales, Domestic Abuse

Of the 1.5 million people diagnosed with cancer this year, many will lose their energy, their appetite and their hair, but not their sense of humor. We’ll hear funny healing narratives on living well with cancer and without hair. We’ll also talk about the MD’s response to domestic abuse, and about a local contest to improve patients’ lives.

Wellness Wednesday: Childhood Obesity, Hep C News, Calcium Myths

Hepatitis C has now surpassed HIV as the top chronic infection leading to death. There are some new treatments, but they cost $1,000 per pill. This hour, we’ll talk about who’s getting treatment, who has to wait, and who’s paying the bill. We’ll also learn what local schools are doing to combat childhood obesity, and the latest nutrition tips.

Wellness Wednesday: Stroke Game, Dinnertime Survival, News Roundup

Mother’s Day is Sunday; can we ever make up for the tantrums we threw at the dinner table? We’ll talk about how to feed the family and keep our sanity with solutions to common mealtime dilemmas. We’ll also learn about a new stroke therapy that is effective and fun, and can be done at home. Then it’s a look at multi-vitamins, DNA and more.

Wellness Wednesday: E-Cig News, Postpartum Prep, Parkinson’s

New babies are often referred to as “bundles of joy.” But not all new moms feel ecstatic; in fact almost 20% will experience postpartum depression. We’ll talk about how to prepare for the roller-coaster of life after birth. We’ll also get the latest on the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations, and explore how exercise can delay Parkinson’s Disease.

Wellness Wednesday: Herbal Therapy, Drug Take-Back, No Sugar Year

Anyone who gave up sweets for Lent knows how tough it can be to forego sugar for a month. But how about for a whole year? We’ll talk to an author whose family did just that, and lived to write about it. We’ll also look at the new Chinese Herbal Medicine program at the Cleveland Clinic, and learn why old pills in a cabinet are a public health hazard

Wellness Wednesday: Negative Weights, Brain Manual, Mumps Update

Negative weight training might sound like a theoretical physics term, but it’s a recent fitness trend that helps keep people fit for life. We’ll learn how weight lowering may be more important than lifting. Then we’ll get a peek at a new owner’s guide to the human brain, and an update on the mumps outbreak that has sickened over 200 people.

Wellness Wednesday: Caffeine, Cycling, Evidence-Based Medicine

About 63 million Americans start the day with a cup of coffee, and most of them suffer no ill effects. But the caffeine in our beverages has real health consequences. This hour we’ll take a look at the US’s most popular and least regulated drug. Then we’ll see how cycling stacks up as a way to get fit, and get the latest on evidence-based medicine