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Wellness Wednesday: Obesity and Cancer, Placebos, Hospital Food

Hospital food. Sometimes it’s mystery meat and green Jell-O. Not exactly healthy fare to heal your body. But more hospitals are improving the chow, and this hour we’ll lean how some are filling trays with vegetables from our own backyard. We’ll also get the latest in the links between obesity and cancer, and new research on the placebo effect.

Wellness Wednesday: Fake Sugar, Embracing Menopause, Overtreatment

With their lack of calories, foods containing artificial sweeteners can seem like a good deal. But a new study shows that fake sugars can actually raise the risk of diabetes. We’ll learn more this hour. Plus, we’ll get information on how to stay cool during menopause, and how over-treatment is costing the country millions, and what to do about it.

Wellness Wednesday: Enterovirus, Vaccines, Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat

When school starts, doctors expect a rise in visits. But this year an unusually high number of kids have been hospitalized with a rare strain of virus. We’ll get an update on the illness that’s sweeping the Midwest. Then we’ll look behind the headlines at a recent study favoring low-carb over low-fat diets. And get the latest on the vaccine debate

Wellness Wednesday: ALS Ice Bucket, Sleep Study, Youth Sports

There’s been a lot of shivering on social media lately as thousands of people have taken the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS. We’ll learn the latest on the disease behind the headlines. We’ll also discuss the dangers of youth sports specialization; and we’ll look at when it’s time for a sleep study, and what to expect during the process

Wellness Wednesday: Clear Rx Labels, Aging Muscles, Check-Ups 101

A drug’s side effects can be worrisome and wide-ranging. But there’s never information on whether the drug actually works. We’ll hear a new proposal for a clear way to convey the risks and benefits of what’s in your pillbox. Then we’ll learn how pediatricians prepare kids for school. And we’ll get the latest on staying strong in our golden years.

Wellness Wednesday: Birth Control, Reflux Cough, Nature Medicine

Chronic coughers may think they have asthma, but millions of Americans have a cough that doesn’t begin in the lungs– it begins in the gut. We’ll talk about silent airway reflux, its symptoms and how to stop it. We’ll also hear why doctors feel contraceptives are essential to wellness, and learn how mother nature is inspiring medical innovations.

Wellness Wednesday: Fun Runs, Aging Well, Soylent Beige

If you’d like to start running, but wish it involved more zombies, you’re in luck! Non- traditional races are now far more popular than your standard 10K. We’ll examine the meteoric rise of the fun run. And with 75 million Americans turning 60 or more, we’ll learn how to make the most of our later years. Plus, we’ll get the latest nutrition news.

Wellness Wednesday: Face Your Age; Women’s Hearts; Binge Drinking

When it comes to matters of the heart, men and women have been known to react differently. This is true both emotionally and biologically. This hour, we’ll discuss some new guidelines for risk and treatment of heart disease in women. We’ll also learn how facial recognition technology can predict longevity, and some news on binge drinking.

Wellness Wednesday: Safe Sleep, Measles Update, Mobility Saboteurs

Side sleepers…back sleepers… everyone has a preference when it comes to getting zzzzzs. But for infants, experts recommend strict sleep guidelines. We’ll learn the ABCs of infant safe sleep, and how they’re saving lives. We’ll also get an update on the measles outbreak in Ohio’s Amish country, and a look at everyday mobility saboteurs.

Wellness Wednesday: Dental Access, Bug-Free Tips, Summer Foods

Warning: Mayonnaise ahead. Summer is prime time for delicious treats and nutritional hazards. This hour we’ll learn healthy ways to enjoy picnics and barbecues. We’ll also discuss the importance of oral health and get the latest on some Ohio legislation to expand dental access. Then, it’s all about strategies for a bug-free season.