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Open Forum: Storms and Recovery in Central Ohio

On this hour of “All Sides,” we’re talking about the weekend’s storms and the recovery progress in our area.

Winter Weather/Columbus Recycling/Food Waste Recycling

This hour we discuss what weather is in store for Central Ohio this winter. Also, the Columbus mayor talks about his recycling plan. On the last segment, how are businesses taking on green initiatives?

COTA Downtown/ Midwestern Heatwave

We’ll talk about COTA downtown and then take a look at the weather, this hour on “All Sides.”

Is Central Ohio Ready for a Tornado Emergency?

In light of the severe weather throughout the country, we’ll focus on how prepared Central Ohio would be in case of a tornado emergency.

The Latest News from the Statehouse/ “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

We’ll discuss the latest that’s going on in the capital city with a Statehouse News correspondent and Dayton Daily News Reporter. Then- rain, rain, will it ever go away? A talk about the weather.