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Body Politics: The History of Health Care Policy

Even before the Affordable Care Act, one-fifth of Americans had some health care paid for by the federal government. But all health care programs are born in controversy. We’ll take a look at the politics that surrounded the start of the Veterans Health Administration, and how those debates were echoed a centurylater with the dawn of Obamacare.

School Shooting in Cleveland/Making OSU Veteran-Friendly

A school shooting in Cleveland is not the first school shooting of its kind and it probably will not be the last. So, how do we prepare for school shootings in order to increase survival? Then, for most young soldiers returning to the U.S., getting a college degree is a priority. But how can faculty ensure that a university is veteran-friendly?

Adjusting to Civilian Life After Iraq

All troops will return to the United States after Iraq. What will they do? How will they adjust to civilian life? This hour we’ll talk with a reporter who’s spent time with Marines in Iraq and at Camp Pendleton. We’ll also hear about suicide prevention and special courts established for veterans.

Military and Political Impact of the US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

All remaining troops in Iraq will pull out by the end of 2011. After a decade of occupying the country, what are the ramifications of an all-troop withdrawal? This hour we’ll hear from NPR’s Pentagon reporter and also a retired army colonel who served with General Petraeus.

What Is Happening to Returning Veterans in Central Ohio?

Some Americans give up their lives to fight for freedom overseas, but what happens to them when they come back to the United States? Join Ann Fisher on this hour of All Sides to discuss the issues facing veterans upon their return.

Ways to Give Aid to Military Members, Families

How the public can support the troops, veterans, and their families

Proposed Amendment to Provide Bonuses to Veterans

State Issue #1, a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to provide a bonus to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts