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State of the Unions: Ohio’s Right-to-Work Debate

Last Wednesday, two GOP Reps from the Ohio House filed three pieces of right-to-work legislation, including a proposal for a constitutional amendment making Ohio the 25th right-to-work state in (or out of) the union. This hour, we’ll discuss whether there’s enough GOP support for the legislation, and how it would effect the state economically.

Analysis and Opinion About Senate Bill 5

Analysis and opinion about the Ohio legislation – SB5 – to limit collective bargaining rights of public employees

Two Viewpoints About Senate Bill 5; The Bohemian Life of Hemingway

Two points of view about Ohio Senate Bill 5, legislation that eliminates many provisions of Ohio’s collective bargaining law; and the bohemian life of Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley, in Paris in the 1920s

Ohio Lawmakers Consider Bills Eliminating Labor Unions, Most Abortions, and Estate Tax

Legislation being considered in the Ohio General Assembly, including bills to kill the estate tax, ban most abortions, and eliminate collective bargaining for state workers

Organized Labor Movement

Current issues affecting labor unions and workers in Ohio and Central Ohio