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US Foreign Policy Options in Ukraine

Ukraine has been in turmoil for a year. After protests, Russian president Putin sent troops into the Crimean peninsula and annexed it. Now the Ukrainian government faces a pro-Russian rebellion that has seized several cities. Multiple ceasefires have failed. On All Sides, we will discuss what further actions, if any, the US should take in Ukraine.

Crimeans vote to join Russian Federation: What’s next

Russia’s foreign minister has said his country and the US have no common vision on the crisis in Ukraine. Russia refuses to acknowledge its troops in Crimea, and tensions are high as Ukraine is set to vote on whether to become part of the Russian Federation. This hour we’ll get an update on the latest events in Ukraine, and their implications.

New Developments in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia has assumed occupational control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, sending armed troops to the region to surround military posts. Meanwhile, the US has threatened to isolate Russia, and announced plans to aid Ukraine. This hour we’ll talk about what these new developments mean for Russia and Ukraine and why the West is worried.

Ukraine: Headed for Revolution?

Last fall, anti-government protesters in Ukraine took to the streets to voice disagreement with their country’s decision not to sign a trade deal with the European Union. Those protests have been raging for months and have left dozens dead. This hour we’ll talk about where the country is headed as pro-and anti-Russian factions continue to clash.

Ukraine Goverment Goes to Social Media ‘Boot Camp’

Government use of social media