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Tech Tuesday: Distracted Driving, Digital Etiquette, Gadgets

Is technology making us rude and sloppy? Is it ever OK to leave your cell phone on the dinner table? This hour of Tech Tuesday takes a close look at manners in the digital age. We’ll also hear about smart cars and distracted driving from a man who started an online kerfuffle. And we’ll talk about the latest in gadgetry with our gadget guru.

Tech Tuesday: Android Actors, Pushpins App Development, Tech News

Robots on stage? On this hour, we’ll talk about a new production at the Wexner Center for the Arts that uses ‘android actors.’ Then, one local Columbus man worked with his partner to develop an app for smartphones… We’ll talk about the app and its production. And finally, we’ll talk about some tech news and give updates on hot gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Violent Video Games, Top Tablets, Gift Ideas

Violent video games always come into conversation when shootings occur, but what effect do they really have on our psyche? Then, what are the top tablets for your holiday gifting? And finally, we’ll give you the top gift ideas for the adults in your life.