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One Two Tree: A Guide to Leafy Landscapes

I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a…maple? An oak? Large or small, striped or curly, trees enhance the value and beauty of any landscape. This hour we’ll talk about how to choose the right tree for the right location, with special attention to sunlight, water and drainage. We’ll also learn how to protect trees against damaging pests

Please Leave: Pest Maintenance and Healthy Trees

Want a strong eco-portfolio? You’ve got to bio-diversify. The emerald ash borer beetle has wreaked havoc in central Ohio over the past few years, destroying large swaths of forest. But the pests harm only ash trees. This hour we’ll talk about keeping your backyard healthy by planting a wide variety of local species, and how to combat infestations.

Ecological, Economic, and Social Benefits of Trees

Fall is the season of the tree. It’s the right time to plant. It’s the right time to enjoy the changing colors. It’s the right time to count the trees. Coming up on All Sides, we’ll be talking about the importance of trees in our society.