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What is a Moderate Republican?

According to recent analysis, the GOP is a party divided. Some feel the Republican party has been hijacked by an extreme faction, while others feel the GOP has lost its edge. As Chris Christie eyes the White House, we’ll explore what being a moderate means today, and if it’s possible to embrace all things– even politics– in moderation.

The Future of Ohio’s GOP

There’s a growing rift in the Ohio Republican Party; some feel the old guard has become obsessed with winning elections, and has abandoned traditional values. Others fear veering from the center could be political suicide. This hour we’ll talk with Republicans on both sides of the divide and take a look at the future of the Republican party in Ohio

National Debt Ceiling Negotiations

What is the debt limit, why does it matter and who has prescribed what? This hour, we’ll hear from proponents and opponents of the president’s plan, and also from a national reporter covering the issue.