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What’s New at OSU: An Update with President Gee

Gordon Gee’s plate is darn full these days–the sequester’s threatening huge cuts to OSU research, President Obama is speaking at commencement, and the university’s planning a huge revamp of the second-year experience. This hour of All Sides, we’ll talk to the Pres about what’s new at OSU and get a wrap-up of the past year’s events.

A Conversation with OSU President E. Gordon Gee

The Ohio State University is constantly buzzing; everything from hiring a new football coach to promoting a safer campus area. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll be joined by President E. Gordon Gee to discuss all things Ohio State.

Local Governments: Competing for Businesses and People

With hefty budget cuts, local governments are frequently left to fend for themselves. What are the implications of competition between local governments? Should they be competing at all?

Open Forum Discussion About Jim Tressel’s Suspension and Fine

Special open forum to discuss Coach Jim Tressel’s two game suspension and fine by The Ohio State University.