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Tech Tuesday: 3D Scanning, New App Round-up, Nintendo 2DS

So far, artificial limbs, functioning guns, musical instruments and even human stem cells have been recreated using 3D printing. Coming up, we’ll talk 3D scanning technology that could be in your home, we’ll hear about the latest and greatest apps, and we’ll find out what’s new with Nintendo.

Tech Tuesday: Sharpshooters, Camera Phones, Gadgets

These days it’s hard to tell if we take pictures with our cell phones or make calls on our cameras. This hour we’ll see how the latest camera phones stack up. We’ll also learn about a rifle so “smart” it can demolish an insect three football fields away. And we’ll get the latest in gadgetry including Google Glass tour info, app-sharing and more.

Tech Tuesday: Alarm Clocks, Remote Controlled K-9, iPhone Buzz

Rise and shine, sleepyheads! Getting up’s not easy, but it is customized now with alarm clocks that soothe, cajole and even curse. This hour we’ll get a rundown of the best apps and gadgets to drag you out of bed. We’ll also learn about how technology attached to your pooch could help save lives, and a rundown of the big news from Apple.

Tech Tuesday: 3-D Printed Bodies, Internet Police, Gadgets

Long ago in the early 1990s, the web was a lawless place where gamblers and pornographers roamed free. Believe it or not, a lot’s changed since then. This hour we’ll talk about how authorities used novel technology to police the internet. We’ll also learn about 3-D printed noses, ears and windpipes, and we’ll hear what’s new in the land of gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Aggressive Bids, Fake Photos and Gadgets

That picture of your friend having tea with Madonna is obviously retouched. But the human brain is notoriously bad at catching phony photos. We’ll talk about new software that uses shadows to spot the fakes. We’ll also examine the news that anonymous bidding sites like ebay make people mean, and we’ll get the latest in gadget news.

Tech Tuesday: Google Glass and Autism, Kids’ Apps, Gadgets

For people with autism, reading facial expressions can be a minefield. But a new tech start-up is combining Google Glass technology with emotion recognition software to teach what frowns and smiles mean. We’ll learn more this hour. Plus, we’ll discuss the latest fun and educational apps for kids, and see what our gadget inspector’s up to this week.

Live Remote: Tech Tuesday- Wellness Edition

When it glues you to your chair for hours, technology can wreak a lot of health havoc, but we’re focusing on staying fit with help from gadgets. This Tech Tuesday, we’re broadcasting live from OSU’s Rally for Wellness! We’ll learn about apps that track your mood, and apps that make you move. Plus, we’ll get the latest in electronic fitness gear.

Tech Tuesday: Sonic Fabrics, Tech Made in the USA, Chromecast

Ever wish you could turn the volume down on a “loud” necktie? A new line of ties has come out allowing wearers to do just that. We’ll talk about that, plus we’ll discuss why some tech giants are manufacturing their products in the USA. And Google just came out with a $35 streaming device. We’ll learn if it’s a steal, or if you get what you pay for.

Tech Tuesday: Cyber Threats, Maps for the Masses, Gadgets

A hundred years ago cartography required specialized training and knowledge, but like so many things, map-making has become a pastime for the masses. This hour we’ll talk about what happens when anyone can edit an online map, and we’ll also look at the increase in cyber-threats facing universities. Last, we’ll get the scoop on all things gadget.

Tech Tuesday: Mars Rover, Meat Hacking, Stolen Smartphones

The food industry has long been run by a few enormous companies, but technology is democratizing meat, which is good news for all steakholders. We’ll hear more about how food advocates and tech nerds are collaborating. We’ll also get the latest on the rover NASA will send to Mars in 2020, and learn about the market for stolen smartphones.