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Tech Tuesday: Wireless Home Security, Phone Service and More

The FBI says that there are two million home break-ins each year. Wireless home security systems are supposed to help prevent that–and yet there have been claims that these systems can be jammed. In this hour of Tech Tuesday we look at wireless home security systems, new ways of providing cell phone service, and new drone regulations.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media Mood, Education Apps, Gadgets

Misery loves company, and our social media habits have proved it. A new study finds people in a bad mood are more likely to search for friends on Facebook who are worse off. And LED light bulbs are getting an overhaul; we’ll talk about how a new design is shedding more light at a lower price. We’ll also get the latest educational kids’ apps.

Tech Tuesday: E-Sports, Automation, Gadgetry

Playing video games has become serious business, but so has watching them. Millions of people log on to cheer for gamers as they battle through a virtual landscape. We’ll learn more about the business and culture of this spectator sport. And we’ll discuss the effects of automation on the economy and our brains, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Wars, End of Absence, Consumer Data

Authors like Stephen King, Philip Roth and Ursula LeGuin are joining forces against book giant Amazon’s tactics. They say the company has adopted unfair policies toward some authors and publishers. We’ll learn more this hour. We’ll also talk about what happens when our connectivity eliminates solitude entirely.

Tech Tuesday: Hello Ello, Protecting Privacy, Gadgets

Social network site Ello is making promises not to use customer data for advertising. The company espouses”transparency,” and some have called it the “anti-Facebook.” We’ll discuss Ello’s manifesto, and if the company can stay true to its model and survive. Plus, we’ll look at how to maintain online privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Tech Tuesday: Alibaba, Internet Brain, Gadgets

When Chinese internet giant Alibaba went public on Friday, it set a record for the biggest share sale in the US. We’ll talk about what pushed their stock over the top, and if share prices can remain high. We’ll also discuss if the internet is making us smarter, or if it’s re-configuring our minds. Then we’ll get the latest in tech news.

Tech Tuesday: Kids’ Apps, Code as Art, Apple Buzz

Computer code might seem like the opposite of art, but this hour we’ll explore the connection between the worlds of art and technology, and why tech geek stereotypes only paint part of the picture. Then we’ll get the latest educational apps for kids, and discuss the myths and realities of the hotly anticipated iPhone 6.

Tech Tuesday: Spiral of Silence, Tech-Guru-In-Chief, Gadgets

A recent poll found that despite all the uncensored comments on the internet, people are less comfortable having controversial conversations on social media than in person. We’ll learn more about the “spiral of silence” this hour. We’ll also discuss Todd Park’s plans now that he’s stepping down as Chief Tech Officer, and get the latest in gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Forest WiFi, Cell Tracking, Back-to-School Apps

The Internet is almost everywhere, but there are still a few places that are truly Web-free: National parks, for example. But soon you may be able to check Facebook in the Tetons. We’ll learn more this hour. We’ll also find out why cell phone companies are selling our data to foreign governments, and get the best back-to-school apps for kids.

Tech Tuesday: Vine Celebs, Digital Age Families, Gadgets

On average, kids are spending more than 7 hours a day on electronic devices. This means more access to social media, and knowledge, but one author says good parenting starts without technology. We’ll discuss how to build relationships in the digital age this hour. We’ll also hear about the new web celebrities on Vine, and get latest in gadgetry.