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Primary Colors: GOP races and Tea Party challengers

Primary day is here, and we haven’t seen tons of attack ads. But that doesn’t mean all’s quiet in the Buckeye State. Today we’ll take a look at Ohio’s primary system, and examine the threat the Tea Party poses to GOP incumbents this year. We’ll also discuss why electoral excitement is low, and what states can do to boost turnout.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s been in a lot of trouble lately over the George Washington Bridge scandal that just came to light. Our panel of reporters will investigate what this means for Christie’s political alliance with John Kasich, and the upcoming gubernatorial elections. Plus, the future of the Tea Party, “fiscal notes” and more.

A Guide to the IRS Tea Party Controversy

Last Wednesday, Steven Miller, the acting commissioner of the IRS, resigned when news broke that the organization had unfairly scrutinized Tea Party groups filing for tax-exempt status. Since then, more questions have been asked than answered. This hour, we’ll shed some light on this murky issue and find out what’s important, and what’s bluster.

A Look at the Future of the Tea Party and the Republican Party

The Tea Party changed the face of the mainstream Republican Party just a few years ago. But in the last election, they lost a wide majority of their seats in Congress. On this hour, we’ll talk about the future of the Tea Party and the future potential transformation of the GOP.