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Syria: Is Intervention the Right Move?

The news is full of euphemistic terms as the US decides whether to take military action in Syria. In light of evidence suggesting the Assad regime used chemical weapons to kill over a thousand civilians, President Obama has proposed limited strikes. We’ll get an update on Syria this hour and discuss the pros and cons of intervention.

Special Ohio Election Coverage: Celeste/War Journalists/Syria

The Democratic primary candidates for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District are set: Mary Jo Kilroy, Priscilla Tyson, Joyce Beatty and Ted Celeste are all running for the spot. Ted Celeste will join us on this segment for an interview about her plan for the district. Then, we’ll talk about journalists in war zones and the Syrian conflict.

Congressman Pat Tiberi/ Libya Endgame & The Future of Syria

First, on “All Sides,” a conversation with Congressman Pat Tiberi. Then, what’s going on with Libya… and how could this potentially effect Syria next?

Arab Spring/ Freedom Riders

It’s be a season of struggle in many Arab Nations. We’ll discuss further how these countries are fighting to achieve democracy. Then, an exploration of another fight, one for Civil Rights in the U.S., as we focus on the era of the “Freedom Riders.”