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Tech Tuesday: Politics and Social Networking, Malware and Gadgetry

On this segment of Tech Tuesday, we’re talking about how people talk about politics over social media, malware on smartphones and new gadgets that are hitting the market soon.

Tech Tuesday: Gamification, Nexus 7 Tablet, Google Updates

On this segment of Tech Tuesday, we’ll learn about the process of gamification in social media, the Nexus 7 tablet, and other updates on the latest things from Google.

Tech Tuesday: Local Online Game Developer, Web Tracking, Gadgetry

It’s Tech Tuesday on this hour of “All Sides.” We’ll talk to a local online game developer. Then, we’ll talk about web tracking and how advertisers target you based on your internet activity. And finally, we’ll talk about the latest gadgets on the market.

Tech Tuesday: Twitter Use Data, Windows 8 Release, Gadgetry

New data shows that Twitter is most commonly used by young adults, African Americans and mobile device users… But why? Then, we’ll cover the upcoming release of Windows 8. And finally, we’ll give you an update on the latest gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Organizations and Social Media, Ultrabooks, Gadgetry

On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about the OSU College of Public Health’s social media initiatives, as well as more in social media for organizations. Then, we’ll talk about the latest and best ultrabooks and other new gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: OSU Football Stadium, Consumerism and Gadgetry

The Ohio State University is revamping the scoreboard at Ohio Stadium over the summer… What will be changed? Then, Google has come up with models of self-driving cars that are currently being tested in Nevada… How will these cars operate? And finally, we’ll get an update on the latest gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Futuristic Media, DNSChanger Malware and Gadgetry

Available Light Theatre is producing “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom,” a show about a futuristic society where technology has supposedly eliminated work, boredom and death. Then, some computers have been infected with DNSChanger malware and will lost Internet access on July 9. And finally, we’ll talk about the latest gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Facebook and Instagram, eBooks Lawsuit, Gadgetry

Facebook bought Instagram. As the company’s largest acquisition yet, what does it mean for the future of Facebook? Then, the Justice Department has launched suits against major eBooks providers for price fixing. What will this mean in the future of prices for eBooks? Finally, we’ll discuss new ways to watch movies, Google’s Project Glass and more.

Tech Tuesday: the New iPad, Internet Tracking and Gadgetry

It’s time for Tech Tuesday… On this hour, guest host Stu Nicholson will talk about internet tracking, the New iPad and other latest gadgets.

Social Media Fundraising for a Cause, Consumerism and Gadgetry

In this hour of “All Sides” we take a look at alternatives to the internet giant Google.We also learn about social media fundraising, including an effort to help a local family cover the expenses of a very sick child.