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US and Iran Nuclear Negotiation Talks

As Secretary of State John Kerry continues nuclear negotiation talks with Iran, we will take a look at what this can mean for the Middle Eastern region and its effect on the relations between the US and Iran. Plus, Republican lawmakers are under fire for signing a letter warning the Ayatollah that any deal struck with the US may not be permanent.

US Foreign Policy Options in Ukraine

Ukraine has been in turmoil for a year. After protests, Russian president Putin sent troops into the Crimean peninsula and annexed it. Now the Ukrainian government faces a pro-Russian rebellion that has seized several cities. Multiple ceasefires have failed. On All Sides, we will discuss what further actions, if any, the US should take in Ukraine.

Idealism and Realism: America’s Foreign Policy

For two centuries, the U.S. balanced its expansionist ideologies with restraint born of realism. But that balance has tipped. This hour we’ll look at the foreign policy that helped the country emerge as a world power, and the costs of abandoning realist roots. Plus we’ll look at the future of American power in a world requiring adaptable leadership

Crimeans vote to join Russian Federation: What’s next

Russia’s foreign minister has said his country and the US have no common vision on the crisis in Ukraine. Russia refuses to acknowledge its troops in Crimea, and tensions are high as Ukraine is set to vote on whether to become part of the Russian Federation. This hour we’ll get an update on the latest events in Ukraine, and their implications.

New Developments in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia has assumed occupational control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, sending armed troops to the region to surround military posts. Meanwhile, the US has threatened to isolate Russia, and announced plans to aid Ukraine. This hour we’ll talk about what these new developments mean for Russia and Ukraine and why the West is worried.

Syria: Is Intervention the Right Move?

The news is full of euphemistic terms as the US decides whether to take military action in Syria. In light of evidence suggesting the Assad regime used chemical weapons to kill over a thousand civilians, President Obama has proposed limited strikes. We’ll get an update on Syria this hour and discuss the pros and cons of intervention.

The Obama Presidency: Looking Back and Going Forward

This hour, we’ll consider the President’s options going forward in a second term: foreign policy, nuclear security, healthcare, education and much much more.

A Recap and Discussion of the Final Presidential Debate

Debate season is officially over this morning. On this hour, we’ll recap the final Presidential Debate of the 2012 election and discuss the final weeks before the election on Nov. 6.

Ireland’s Global Economy

A green Chicago river, green drinks and a lot of green clothes…. It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and Americans will fully celebrate Irish culture this weekend. Ireland, however, could still be reeling from its dramatic financial collapse in 2008. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’re talking about Ireland’s global economy.

Sean Kay on Ireland’s Financial Collapse and Hope for Renewal

Hear about Ireland’s dramatic financial collapse and hopes for an economic renewal, with Ohio Wesleyan University Politics and Government Professor Sean Kay