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TEDx Columbus: Out There

Many NPR listeners have heard the TED Radio Hour, which features talks with innovators from across disciplines. This hour we’ll talk to TED’s national host, and the founder of TEDx Columbus, Cap City’s local TED spinoff, about their upcoming conference. We’ll also hear from two featured speakers who will share the latest ideas in their fields.

TEDxColumbus 2012: The Future Revealed

TEDxColumbus is back for another year! On this hour, we’ll preview the event as well as discuss a documentary about TED speeches and a recent TEDx held at Marion Correctional.

TEDx Columbus: Ideas Worth Spreading

Join us on this hour of “All Sides” as we take a look into “A Moment in Time,” a TEDx Columbus event all about creative innovation.

TED Talks

The annual TED (Technology, Education, Design) Conference for “ideas worth spreading”