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Education for the Disabled

In 1975, congress enacted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which required free and appropriate education for all children. On its surface IDEA seemed like a democratizing force, but the law hasn’t measured up, especially where minority kids are concerned. This hour, we’ll take a close look at IDEA’s successes and shortcomings

Affirmative Action and Academic Diversity

Abigail Fisher’s affirmative action lawsuit against the University of Texas Law School has drawn attention to the question of on-campus diversity. The US Supreme Court passed the case to a lower court, and this hour we’ll examine the Court’s (non-) decision. We’ll discuss how diversity is measured, and what its value is in an academic setting.

DOMA: Officially Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling on Wednesday, when it declared a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. The court ruled that married same-sex couples should have the same federal benefits as all married couples. This hour, we’ll get the latest on the case, and hear what it means for supporters and opponents.

US Supreme Court Health Care Reform/Spring Forecast for Birds

The Supreme Court health care hearings are over and we’ll have a decision by June… What do you think will happen to President Obama’s health care law? Then, it’s officially spring, and the sounds of birds can be heard around the state. On the second segment of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about the migration of birds this spring.