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Tech Tuesday: Anti-Bully Tech, 2nd Machine Age, Gadgets

Just as the internet has presented new venues for harassment, it’s also enabling anti-bullying groups to locate the perpetrators. This hour we’ll talk about the online avengers who are leaving justice to their devices. We’ll also discuss the economic outlook, and how it interweaves with the golden age of technology. Plus, the latest gadget news.

Tech Tuesday: Family Apps, Surveillance, Consumer Electronics

As a kid, family game night likely meant finding a place on the floor to spread out Twister. But there are hundreds of game apps that require only a tablet or smartphone, and a little discernment. We’ll tell you which ones are family-friendly. We’ll also learn how the NSA imperiled the internet as a whole, and get the latest from the CES conference

Tech Tuesday: Legal Tech Cases, Black Market Cell Phone, Gadgets

We’ve all heard of Colombian drug cartels, but now there are Colombian smartphone cartels, stealing cell phones in Miami and flying them to Bogota. This hour we’ll talk about this $30 billion worldwide market, and its often tragic consequences. We’ll also get a look at the latest legal cases involving technology, and the newest tech gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Flying with Phones, Electronic Waste, Gadgets

A lot of us will get shiny new electronics this holiday season. So what happens to the old stuff? A new report shows the world will produce 65 million tons of electronic waste in 2017 alone. This hour we’ll talk about what’s being done to reduce that number. And we’ll learn more about airplane cell phone use– but don’t get ready to chat just yet.

Tech Tuesday: Death of the PC, Web Hoaxes, Gadgets for Kids

What a bummer it would be to find out you were dead…via Twitter. This year has been dubbed “year of the web hoax,” and this hour we’ll talk about why we continue to fall for them. We’ll also examine the sharp decline in sales of the personal computer. Some say it’s the end times for the PC. Then we’ll get the latest in gadgets for kids.

Tech Tuesday: Parking Apps, Tech Industry in 2013, Gadget Gifts

One of the most frustrating aspects of holiday shopping, besides waiting on line inside, is looking for a good parking spot outside. This hour, we’ll take a look some apps that promise to help you find the best spot. Plus, we’ll discuss Amazon’s latest innovation for delivering packages faster.

Tech Tuesday: Apps for Black Friday, App Generation, Gadget Deals

The draw of great deals may have some camping out on the sidewalk for Black Friday, but for others, a good app is all you need. This hour we’ll hear about some shopping apps that might help out this holiday season.

Tech Tuesday: Kitchen Gadgets, Marching Band Tech, PS4

Ohio State’s football team is having an impressive season, but so is its marching band. Videos of its elaborate half-time shows have gone viral, and this hour we’ll learn how they’re using technology to boost creativity. We’ll also get the lowdown on the best kitchen gadgets to get you through the holidays, and the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Twitter IPO, Kids’ Apps, Gadgets

Twitter just went public. This hour we’ll take a look at how it’s doing so far, and what we can expect in the future. Then we’ll get the latest in kids’ apps, and a look at what’s new in the gadget world.

Tech Tuesday: Slow Webs, Beefed Up Blogging, Gadgets

We Americans love speed. We like fast cars, fast money and fast food. So for a country that pioneered so much of the web, it’s pretty shocking that our internet speeds rank among the slowest and most expensive in the developed world. This hour we’ll talk about why. Then it’s the latest on a new blogging platform, and news from the world of gadgets.