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Wellness Wednesday: Marathon Man, Fit Pregnancy, Saturated Facts

Bumper stickers reading “26.2″ are a common sight these days. But it’s not often you’ll see one that says “1572.” That’s the number of miles in 60 marathons, and this hour we’ll talk to a man who ran all those miles and more. Then we’ll take a new look at exercise during pregnancy, and learn the history behind the country’s war on saturated fat.

Wellness Wednesday: Study Round-Up, Doctor Bias, Fitness News

Pot heads are surely giddy over a recent study which found that marijuana smokers are significantly thinner than abstainers. This hour we’ll take a closer look at that, and other recent medical findings. Then we’ll discuss why disabled and obese patients get a lower quality of care, and get the scoop on the benefits of running vs. walking.