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Addressing the V.A. Backlog

As more and more troops return home from Iraq and Afghanistan, claims for veterans’ benefits are increasing everyday. But currently about 600,000 benefits claims qualify as “backlogged,” meaning they’ve been pending for more than 125 days. This hour we explore what’s being done to speed the process, and when vets can realistically expect a solution

What Is Happening to Returning Veterans in Central Ohio?

Some Americans give up their lives to fight for freedom overseas, but what happens to them when they come back to the United States? Join Ann Fisher on this hour of All Sides to discuss the issues facing veterans upon their return.

Homeless Veterans

Programs to provide homeless veterans with housing and employment

Ways to Give Aid to Military Members, Families

How the public can support the troops, veterans, and their families

Proposed Amendment to Provide Bonuses to Veterans

State Issue #1, a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to provide a bonus to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts