Archives: Richard Herrmann

ISIS and the Conflicts in Iraq

The Islamic rebel group ISIS has seized much of the border between Iraq and Syria, and some fear they are headed to Baghdad. President Obama promised to send military advisers, but many Republicans want to take more aggressive action. This hour we’ll talk about ISIS’s split from Al Qaeda, and how best to combat its expansion.

Looking at the Causes and Ramifications of the Protests In Turkey

What started as a small and peaceful protest in Istanbul to save a local park from demolition has exploded into statewide demonstrations against the Turkish government. On this hour of All Sides with Ann Fisher we’ll learn about the protestors and take a look at the way the government of Turkey has responded to the protests.

Arab Spring/ Freedom Riders

It’s be a season of struggle in many Arab Nations. We’ll discuss further how these countries are fighting to achieve democracy. Then, an exploration of another fight, one for Civil Rights in the U.S., as we focus on the era of the “Freedom Riders.”

Reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Discussion of Osama Bin Laden’s death with Richard Herrmann the Director of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies at Ohio State University.

Democracy in Egypt / DRUMLine Live, the Musical

The prospects for democracy in Egypt; DRUMLine Live: a movie and now a musical.