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A Look at the Future of the Tea Party and the Republican Party

The Tea Party changed the face of the mainstream Republican Party just a few years ago. But in the last election, they lost a wide majority of their seats in Congress. On this hour, we’ll talk about the future of the Tea Party and the future potential transformation of the GOP.

Jeff Stahler on Editorial Cartooning; Mayor Candidate Earl Smith

A conversation with Columbus Dispatch Editorial Cartoonist Jeff Stahler about the unique world of a humorist and cartoonist; and Republican candidate for Columbus Mayor Earl Smith explains his plans for the November election and his vision for the Capital City’s future

The Future of U.S. Political Parties

The future of U.S. political parties and the two-party system

Towards Final Healthcare Reform Legislation

The specific provisions of the two versions of the Health Care bills, and the possible impact for comprehensive health care reform

Ken Rudin Talks Politics

National politics, and what the election results mean for President Obama and the Republican and Democratic parties