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Live Remote: 2013 Columbus Public Health Farmers Market

This hour we’re broadcasting live from the 2013 Columbus Public Health Farmers Market! Bring a canvas bag and join us for info and recipes using this season’s hottest ingredients including berries, peppers, tomatoes, and maybe a couple you’ve never heard of. This market is the first of 3 this summer, and welcomes use of WIC and SNAP benefits.

Recipes for a Long and Healthy Life

We all know overindulgence can lead us straight to obesity, but Rebecca Katz says her “Insanely Good Chocolate Brownies” actually help us stay slim and live longer. On this hour of All Sides, we’ll learn delicious recipes featuring super foods that fight disease, increase memory, and keep us full.

“Essential Pépin” with French Chef Jacques Pépin

Join us as we speak with French Chef Jacques P̩pin about simple Рyet delicious- foods that can be prepared quickly.

Food for All Seasons / Voter Education

Delicious and varied recipes and how to can or freeze fruits and vegetables for enjoyment year round, and voter education