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Privatizing Ohio Prisons

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Gary Mohr talks about about prison system changes including privatization and sentencing reform

Criminal Justice Reform With Jim and Nancy Petro

A conversation with Former Attorney General of Ohio Jim Petro and his wife Nancy Petro about why they are dedicated to the cause of reforming the criminal justice system to investigate wrongful convictions

Privatizing Ohio’s Prisons

The pros and cons of proposal to outsource prison administration to private corporations in Ohio.

Alternative Approaches to Incarceration

Alternatives for some non-violent offenders in Ohio.

Life After Prison

Helping citizens successfully re-enter society after prison.

Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

Why mass incarceration in the U.S. has become the “New Jim Crow”

Challenges of Life after Prison

Challenges faced by ex-offenders after prison, programs to help them successfully re-enter society, and ex-offenders who turned their lives around and were granted pardons by the governor