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Paying the Price: Prison Fees and Families

For those in prison, money might not seem like a necessity, after all, food and shelter are provided. But the ability to call loved ones is something that gives many inmates hope, and the Ohio prison system charges hefty fees to use the phone. We’ll look at the deal the state has with private phone companies, and the huge profits they’re collecting

Mass Incarceration and the Future of Criminal Justice

At first glance, a get-tough-on crime policy seems like a no-brainer. But stiffer penalties for smaller crimes means more people end up doing time, leading to fiscal and political consequences. This hour we’ll look at America’s disproportionate penal system and examine the relationship between laws and crime rates over the last forty years.

Prison Sentence Reform

High prison populations continue to be a problem for budgets and facilities. Is sentencing reform the correct solution?