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Avoiding the “Nuclear Option” with Ken Rudin

Even without secret tests in the desert, it looks like the Senate has narrowly avoided the “nuclear option–” a split along party lines that threatened to rewrite rules regarding approval of executive branch nominees. That’s just one topic on this hour’s All Sides. We’ll be joined by Ken Rudin, who will walk us through the latest news in Washington

NPR’s Political Junkie Talks Politics

The Republican National Convention will heat up with an acceptance speech by candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday night. NPR’s Political Junkie will join us on this hour to talk about the RNC, as well as next week’s DNC preview.

NPR’s Political Junkie: Politics/Indianapolis Hosts the Super Bowl

It’s primary season… Can you tell? We’ll talk all things Republican primaries, Obama, Congress and more. Then, the city of Indianapolis is no stranger to hosting nationally recognized events, but the Super Bowl is bigger than big. How has the city prepared? We’ll talk about these topics and more in this segment of “All Sides.”

NCAA Sanctions on OSU/NPR’s Political Junkie Talks Politics

First, what will happen to OSU football with the final NCAA sanctions? Then, the Republican presidential candidates are still hitting the trails for the campaign, Congress still hasn’t settled a deal on payroll tax cuts and many more topics are making headlines in politics. We’ll talk all things politics with NPR’s Political Junkie, Ken Rudin.