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Special Ohio Election Coverage: Celeste/War Journalists/Syria

The Democratic primary candidates for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District are set: Mary Jo Kilroy, Priscilla Tyson, Joyce Beatty and Ted Celeste are all running for the spot. Ted Celeste will join us on this segment for an interview about her plan for the district. Then, we’ll talk about journalists in war zones and the Syrian conflict.

Military and Political Impact of the US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

All remaining troops in Iraq will pull out by the end of 2011. After a decade of occupying the country, what are the ramifications of an all-troop withdrawal? This hour we’ll hear from NPR’s Pentagon reporter and also a retired army colonel who served with General Petraeus.

Governor Kasich’s Casino Deal- What’s Next?/ Obama on Afghanistan

Now that an agreement has been reached, what will the construction of a new casino mean for the residents of Columbus? Then, we’ll focus on President Obama’s latest speech on Afghanistan.

Local and National Reaction to the Bombing of Libya

Hear local and national reaction to the U.S. bombing in Libya

Stanley McChrystal

President Obama’s decision to remove General Stanley A. McChrystal from his position as the top commander in Afghanistan

The U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. military and national security policy in Afghanistan and Iraq