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Of the People: Barriers to Political Office

There are more Asian-Americans, Latinos and women in Congress than ever before. Yet they still remain sorely under-represented in the legislature. Millionaires, however, make up over 66 percent of the Senate. We’ll look at the barriers to running for office, and talk about how political parties are encouraging more diversity among candidates.

State of the Union Recap: Upward Mobility Edition

If you watched the State of the Union address, you may have heard a pretty confident Commander-in-Chief. Obama addressed many issues including restoring upward mobility. He also said he’d expand opportunity with or without congressional help. This hour we’ll look at the speech, and Obama’s plans for his last two years in office.

What is a Moderate Republican?

According to recent analysis, the GOP is a party divided. Some feel the Republican party has been hijacked by an extreme faction, while others feel the GOP has lost its edge. As Chris Christie eyes the White House, we’ll explore what being a moderate means today, and if it’s possible to embrace all things– even politics– in moderation.

The Obama Presidency: Looking Back and Going Forward

This hour, we’ll consider the President’s options going forward in a second term: foreign policy, nuclear security, healthcare, education and much much more.

Post-Election Coverage

On this hour, we look back at the 2012 presidential election, consider the issues that won and take a look at the balance of power.

Special Preview of the Republican National Convention

On this hour, we’ll give you a special rundown and discussion of the 2012 Republican National Convention starting Monday in Tampa, FL. Ann will host a panel to provide the highlights of the Convention.

Politics Roundtable and Election 2012 Preview

Ohio is the place to be in a Presidential Election season. On this hour, guest host Mike Thompson will talk about all things politics with a panel of experts.

Post-Election Analysis

Post-election commentary.

President Barack Obama

How to evaluate the Obama presidency so far

President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union Address