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African Americans in Opera

Wagner, Verdi…Joplin. Scott Joplin, the composer known for his ragtime pieces, also wrote opera. In fact, in the last hundred years, several African-American composers have made significant contributions to opera and yet almost none are household names. We’ll talk about black composers, and take a look at an upcoming concert featuring their works

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

What better way to celebrate the day after Claude Debussy’s birthday than with an hour discussing arts and culture in central Ohio? Join host Christopher Purdy and his panel of bon vivants as they provide an update of what’s sure to class us up. We’ll hear all about art, this season’s drama queens and kings, all things dignified and some things not

Untold Story of Jesse Owens/Ruby Elzy, African-American Music Star

Jesse Owens amazed crowds at the 1936 Olympics by proving that Hitler was wrong. Join us on this hour as we talk about this untold story of Owens. Then, Ruby Elzy was an African-American opera music star who became one of the most acclaimed singers of her generation. We’ll talk about an OSU Opera production about Elzy’s life and career.