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JobsOhio Case At the Ohio Supreme Court/Homelessness in Columbus

The Ohio Supreme Court has taken up the question of constitutionality for the governor’s privatized development agency, JobsOhio. In this segment, we’ll talk about the case and its implications. Then, how many homeless people are among us? We’ll talk about the state of homelessness in central Ohio.

Death Penalty In Ohio

With a decline in prosecutors recommending the death penalty in Ohio, the Ohio Supreme Court has created a commission to reevaluate the death penalty. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll review Death Penalty in Ohio with legal experts to determine if it is administered fairly across the state.

Capital Punishment in Ohio

High-ranking officials in Ohio are calling for a comprehensive review of all death-row cases and a moratorium on executions

Chief Justice Thomas Moyer / Corporate Spending in Elections

Discussion about the late Thomas Moyer, and two points of view on the issue of corporations as “persons” deserving constitutional rights, and the constitutional basis for the ruling