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Wellness Wednesday: Free the Tampons, Addiction, Hospitals Cuts

Those suffering from addiction may feel isolated, but they’re not alone. This hour, we’ll talk to a man 25 years into recovery about how to kick any habit. We’ll also look at one woman’s campaign for restroom equality and get a post-shutdown update on impending cuts to hospitals.

Wellness Wednesday: Organ Donors, MDs and ObamaCare, Kidney Stones

You may know the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But things are getting personal as patients awaiting transplants network online for organ matches. This hour, we’ll talk to a doctor about social media and organ donation. We’ll also get a physician’s-eye view of ObamaCare and talk to a doctor about painful kidney stones.

Wellness Wednesday: Sleep Apnea, Allergy Acupuncture, ObamaCare

It’s October and fall allergy season is in full swing. On this hour, we’ll learn about how acupuncture can offer relief to seasonal allergy sufferers. We’ll also look at new sleep apnea guidelines, and we’ll talk to an ObamaCare expert about who should sign up for what and what to expect as the program unfolds.

Government Shutdown: How we got here and what’s next?

The government is shut down, at least partially. House Republicans insist the new spending bill contain anti-Obamacare measures, and Democrats are insistent that it not. This hour we’ll examine this deja vu moment, and discuss what happens to employees, services, and the economy when Washington turns off the lights.

Wellness Wednesday: Lung Cancer, ObamaCare Myths, Fall Prevention

This Wellness Wednesday we’re talking about fall prevention. It’s not about stopping pumpkins, it’s about keeping Ohioans safe, on their feet, and accident-free. We’ll also separate ObamaCare fact from fiction, and take a look at the way genetic tumor testing is revolutionizing the prognosis of lung cancer patients.

Wellness Wednesday: Health Dollars, Binge Drinking, Doc Shortage

Glossy college brochures don’t include info on their binge drinking rates, but the NIH says alcohol abuse on campuses is costing us dollars and lives. We’ll look at how schools are curbing the trend. We’ll also take a look at the power of money to motivate good health habits, and the effect of the doctor shortage on the healthcare mandate.

Wellness Wednesday: Mental Healthcare, E-Cigarettes, Teen Health

We Americans do everything electronically: Write, date, even smoke. E-cigarettes have become popular in the last 10 years, and recently use among teenagers has spiked. This hour we’ll examine the health benefits and risks of this smoking alternative. We’ll also look at Obamacare’s mental health provisions, and at the mind-body connection in teens.

Wellness Wednesday: Kids Cooking, Slimming Bacteria, Obamacare

Cap’n Crunch for lunch? Getting kids to eat vegetables is tough, but don’t throw in the dishtowel just yet! We’ll talk about how to get kids involved in preparing delicious healthy meals. Then it’s a look at the correlation between the bacteria in your gut and the size of your…rear end. And Obamacare and small businesses: what you need to know.

Wellness Wednesday: Circumcision, Mood-Immune Link, Health Care

Circumcision is a delicate procedure, and a delicate topic. For some, it’s an important tradition; for others, a form of mutilation. This hour we’ll examine its declining rates in the US. We’ll also talk about a newly found interaction between our immune systems and our psychology, and get a guide to the health care exchange marketplace.

Ken Rudin: NPR’s Political Junkie

This hour we’ll get the political lowdown with Ken Rudin. What are Chris Christie’s chances in the 2016 presidential race? Will San Diego recall mayor Bob Filner? And of course fights over immigration, voter laws and Obamacare continue. But fear not– expert analysis is on the way!