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Can Do: The History of Positive Thinking

If there’s one value experts of all disciplines espouse, it’s a positive attitude. From politics to parenting to health, Americans have learned that a can-do spirit is the most important element in any equation. But that’s not always been the case. This hour, we’ll talk about the rather recent movement that defined the psychology of our country.

Salem to Broadway: Witches in the Media

Glamour’s face is changing. Its darker, pointier, greener… Pretty women have always been said to “cast a spell,” but now witchy-chic style is appearing in high fashion houses of Paris. This hour we ask: Are witches the new vampires? We’ll talk about witchcraft’s glamorous early roots, and examine it as a powerful marketing tool, today.

Tracing Halloween Back to Spiritualist Movements

Seances and Masons; our nation’s mystic history.

History of the Mystical and Spiritualist Movement in the US

How mystical and spiritualist movements helped shape our nation