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Open Forum: Election Results

Join the open forum and talk about the election results.

White Supremacist Organizations/The Sikh Religion

The shooting at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee has opened a window into the world of white supremacy. We’ll take a look at the roots and prevalence of these organizations in the post-civil rights era. Then in continuing our discussion, we will discuss the roots and practice of the Sikh religion, as well as responses to the tragedy.

Tech Tuesday: ‘Socialympics’ Updates, Digital Cameras and Gadgets

So, the Olympic Committee pushed for lost of social media coverage this year and they got it… But did it work out exactly the way they had expected? Then, we’ll give you updates on top digital cameras and how to take better smartphone camera photos. And finally, Russell Holly will give us the latest on new fun techy things to buy!

Landing of the Rover Curiosity Sparks Curiosity About Mars

Mars is always the mystery planet, yet it’s the planet we want to explore most. On this hour, we’ll talk about the successful landing of the Rover Curiosity and how its success sparks a new discussion about life on Mars.

Politics Roundtable and Election 2012 Preview

Ohio is the place to be in a Presidential Election season. On this hour, guest host Mike Thompson will talk about all things politics with a panel of experts.

Mindfulness and Awareness in Facing our Nation’s Challenges

Congressman Tim Ryan has been seen a few times yelling on the House Floor… But recently, he’s changed his style. He’s written a book preaching the benefits of mindfulness, slowing down and paying attention to your surroundings and inner self in order to solve our nation’s issues. News Director Mike Thompson will interview him on this hour.

Listeners Set the Agenda During an Open Forum

Listeners set the agenda during an open forum with host Mike Thompson