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Ohio’s Attorney General Candidates

Other than both being lawyers, the candidates running for Ohio Attorney General don’t have much in common. But whoever wins, he’ll have to face Ohio’s heroin crisis. Their campaigns have been spirited, and this hour we’ll talk to incumbent Mike DeWine and his challenger David Pepper about their runs for office, and plans to address Ohio’s needs.

Addressing the Rape Kit Backlog

Many thousands of unprocessed rape kits sit untested in labs around the country. Rape kits are used to collect evidence after a sexual assault, but the cost, limits of technology, and simple neglect often leave kits lingering for decades. We’ll talk about how Ohio is leading the nation in addressing the backlog, and how to reduce it even further.

Regulation of Natural Gas and Oil Fracking in Ohio

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he’s “all for fracking” in Ohio, but doesn’t think the regulations on the new drilling technique are up to par. Join us on this hour of “All Sides” as we discuss fracking: everything from its needed regulations to its environmental impact and even its potential for more Ohio jobs.

Haiti’s Long-Term Re-development

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, the long-term development of a country where the people maintain hope in the face of poverty