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Papal State: A Year of Pope Francis

One year ago, Catholics worldwide saw the election of the first Jesuit pope. He chose the name “Francis,” and has seemed to favor humility and service over pomp and politics. But has the church seen major reform? This hour we’ll talk about Francis’ first year– what he’s done, what remains, and why he’s so enthralling.

Pope Francis: Bishop of Rome… and Vigilante Vicar?

He may be TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year, but not everybody loves Pope Francis’ unconventional approach. He’s washed the feet of criminals, he’s personally corresponded with a group of gay Italians, and he drives an ’84 Renault. This hour we’ll talk about whether conservative Catholics welcome the change or think he’s gone too far.

The Vatican’s New Pope

White smoke billowed from the Vatican’s chimney on Wednesday, signaling that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina will step up as Pope Francis the 266th, the first South American pope ever. On this hour of All Sides, we’ll discuss what effects the new Pope’s origins might have on the papacy, and what issues Pope Francis will confront.

Arrivederci, Roma: Picking a New Pope

Tomorrow Pope Benedict XVI will be the first pontiff in almost 600 years to retire from the position. So what happens now? The current pool of 121 electable cardinals hails from six continents, increasing the chances of an African or Asian pope for the first time ever. In this hour, we’ll discuss how the pope is chosen, and what issues remain.