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Perspectives on the Treatment of Mental Illness in America

Are medications the only way to treat mental illness in America? How do counseling and therapy fit into treatment programs? What actually works when treating mental illness? On this hour of “All Sides,” News Director Mike Thompson will discuss the differing perspectives on the treatment of mental illness in America.

Struggles of Families and Mentally Ill Adults

Almost every day we hear the stories about people who are mentally ill, struggling to cope. Last week, we heard that the suspect in the downtown stabbings is mentally ill and recently off his medication. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll learn more about the disconnect in services for people who are mentally ill and maybe dangerous.

Ethical Queries: Law Enforcement & Mental Illness

The ethical dilemmas of ordinary citizens and the adequacy of the mental health and law enforcement systems.

Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System in Ohio

Mental illness and the criminal justice system in Ohio.

Mental Illness

Grappling with mental illness.

Suicide Prevention

Hear about the often taboo subjects of suicide and depression.