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Making Media, Taking Charge: Women in Leadership

Anyone who’s learned a helpful hint from the Food Network, or a stock tip from CNBC owes a debt of gratitude to network executive Susan Packard. She created several of the most popular cable networks on the air today, and got to the top with forethought and self-reinvention. We’ll talk about how to encourage leadership and innovate an industry.

Tech Tuesday: Changes to Facebook

Facebook is always changing. The most recent changes, mostly to privacy settings, are getting mixed reviews. How do you feel about them? Later, we’ll talk about the best energy-saving light bulbs on the market.

Ukraine Goverment Goes to Social Media ‘Boot Camp’

Government use of social media

The Future of Journalism

The future of journalism and news organizations in the U.S.

NPR’s Ombudsman Alicia Shepard

A conversation with NPR’s ombudsman Alicia Shepard

Failing Journalism Industry Crisis

The current crisis in journalism, and possible solutions

FDR’s Radio Broadcasts

How President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s radio broadcasts and “fireside chats” made him a familiar presence in the homes of millions of Americans

Gertrude Berg and “The Goldbergs”

Broadcasting pioneer Gertrude Berg, the creator and star of the popular radio and television program “The Goldbergs”

New Media Revolution Lost Causes

The impact of new media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and the future of journalism