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Supreme Court’s on Same-Sex Marriage/Tax Tips for Uncertain Times

The Supreme Court has decided to take up a few cases on same-sex marriage in America, and they will hear them in March. What could this do to Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage and the 2013 ballot initiative to change that ban in Ohio? Then, we’ll talk about how to prepare for this tax season amidst fiscal cliff financial uncertainty in Washington

Tax Tips for Filing Your 2011 Tax Returns

We get it… Taxes are confusing. Everyone wants to know how they can save the most money during tax season. On this hour of “All Sides,” Ann hosts a panel of experts to give you tips to save money and answer all of your tax questions.

Last-Minute Tax Advice

As the April 18 income tax deadline approaches, we’ll hear last minute tax advice, with AARP Regional Tax Aide Leader Bruce Gelsinger and Ohio Society of CPAs tax advisor Mary McVicar CPA.

Tax Tips and Expert Assistance for Ohio Taxpayers

What are the changes in the tax code to be aware of? Tax tips and finding qualified help, with AARP Regional Tax Aide Leader Bruce Gelsinger, and Ohio Society of CPAs tax adviser Mary McVicar.