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Peter Sagal/Marriage:Tales from an Institution

Do you know your rights? First up this hour, NPR’s Peter Sagal joins us to talk about his new PBS series, in which he travels the country searching for the origins of our Constitution, and spotting the document in action (and inaction). Then we’ll hear about a darkly hilarious marriage from a man who withstood 20 years of love and war.

Online Dating Trends/Research on Marital Satisfaction

Online dating has proven to be quite successful for many people… In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ll talk about the latest trends and how to make your profile shine so that you can meet that special someone. We’ll also discuss new research that can show you how to improve satisfaction in your marriage.

Following Prop 8, Continued Legal Battle Over Same Sex Marriage

California’s Proposition 8, and Franklin County has become a hub for illegal prescription pain pills

Religiously-mixed Marriages

The potential challenges and opportunities of religiously mixed marriages

Overcoming Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Overcoming child abuse and domestic violence