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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio lawmakers vow to close loopholes to protect whistle blowers; fracking companies are up in arms about a new proposed severance tax; John Kasich wants to reduce the income tax to below 4 percent. In this hour’s roundtable, we’ll talk about what’s happening at the capitol and beyond.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s been in a lot of trouble lately over the George Washington Bridge scandal that just came to light. Our panel of reporters will investigate what this means for Christie’s political alliance with John Kasich, and the upcoming gubernatorial elections. Plus, the future of the Tea Party, “fiscal notes” and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Last week state senator Eric Kearney pulled out of the race for Lt. Governor amid reports showing he owed over $1 million in back taxes. On this week’s reporter roundtable, our panel will discuss what this means for gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald, and the rest of the campaign. Plus, more on a law meant to protect furry, four-legged Ohioans.