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Weinland Park Improvements and Gentrification

The Columbus neighborhood of Weinland Park was once a community for streetcar commuters, but when drugs and crime moved in, many residents moved out. Now the neighborhood is changing. We’ll look at a new book that chronicles the stories of Weinland Park. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of University involvement in the area’s transformation.

Recruiting Somali Public Safety Employees in Columbus

We’ll learn more about recent efforts in the Columbus and Minnesota public safety sector to recruit from the Somali and eastern African communities.

Potential COTA Strike and Impact on City Transportation

The Transport Workers Union local 208, COTA’s Workers’ Union, filed a 10-day strike notice on Friday… Set to begin at 3 a.m. on Mon., July 2. We’ll talk about the conflict behind the strike, as well as the strike’s potential impact on the annual “Red, White and Boom” Fourth of July celebration downtown.

South Side Neighborhood and Development

The South Side doesn’t seem to have much to celebrate during Columbus’ Bicentennial this year. The area’s unemployment rate is 20 percent and a quarter of its residents lives in poverty. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman announced a plan to help the area. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about the struggling South Side of Columbus.

A New Pro Bono Counseling Program; Cooper Stadium Racetrack

A new pro bono counseling program links volunteer mental health professionals with those in need in Central Ohio; and the Columbus Development Commission recently approved the rezoning of Cooper Stadium for a racetrack and an automotive research facility.

Value and Success of Local Tax Abatements

Local tax abatements, and whether these incentives result in a return to the tax payer